Practical information


Arrival by Air

Located just 4 km from the Tallinn City centre, the modern Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport provides excellent facilities and a wide variety of services to meet the demands of all its customers.

Information at the airport

Information service in Departure Hall is opened according to the flight schedule 2 hours before the first flight and closed after the last arriving flight.

Ph. +3726058888 Lennart Meri Tallinna Lennujaam (Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport)

Bus no. 2 leaves from the airport to the city centre and port approximately every 20 minutes, and operates from ~6:30 AM until midnight. Single journey tickets can be bought from the driver and cost 1,60€. The airport bus stops on the level 0 down the escalator. The downtown bus stop is located on Laikmaa Street, between the Tallink Hotel and the large Viru Centre, attached to the Sokos Hotel Viru.

A Taxi stand is also just outside the departure hall. The fare from the airport to the city centre is about 5€ to 10€.


The international and domestic airlines you can find from:

Arrival by Sea

The Tallinn-Helsinki sea-line is one of the busiest international passenger routes in the world. Ferries cross the Gulf of Finland between Tallinn and Helsinki several times a day, covering the distance in roughly 2 to 3 hours. From late spring to late autumn, high-speed vessels also operate on the route, reducing travel time to just an hour and a half.

Ferries between Tallinn and Stockholm depart every evening, with the trip taking approximately 15 hours.

Passenger information at the harbour: ph. +3726318550
Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn):
Passenger ship schedule:

Passenger terminals are located a short distance from the medieval Old Town.


  • A-terminal serves Viking Line ferries, Eckerö Line ferries to Helsinki and St. Peter Line ferries to St. Petersburg
  • B-terminal serves Viking Line ferries, Eckerö Line ferries from Helsinki and St. Peter Line ferries from St. Petersburg
  • D-terminal serves Tallink ferries and high-speed vessels to/from Helsinki and Tallink ferries to/from Stockholm.
  • Linnahall terminal serves Linda Line’s high-speed vessels to/from Helsinki
    Map of harbour area:

From the port to the city

Bus no. 2 departs from the port’s A-terminal to the city centre and airport approximately every 30 minutes from 7 am until midnight. The price from the bus is 1,6EUR.
A taxi from the terminal to the city centre costs about 5 up to 10 EUR.

Passenger lines

    Eckerö Line – ph. +372 664 6000,
    Tallink – ph. +372 640 9808 (in Estonia: 17808),
    Viking Line – ph. +372 666 3966 (in Estonia: 1719),
    High-speed vessels:
    Linda Line Express – ph. +372 699 9333 16100 (in Estonia: 1719),
    Tallink – ph. +372 640 9808 (in Estonia: 17808),


St. Peter Line – ph. +372 666 0800,
All the worlds`s largest cruise agencies have included Tallinn in their itineraries, and the city receives over 324 calls per cruise season – a truly remarkable achievement by European standarts. For further information:
Tallinn also participates in Baltic Cruise Project:


Tallinn also welcomes visitors coming with yachts.

Pirita Sadam (Pirita Harbour)
ph. +372 639 8980,
59° 28,2′ N 24° 49,2′ E
depth 2,8 m, 250 quay spots

Vanasadama Jahisadam (Old City Marina)
ph. +372 631 8085,
N 59º26,32` E 24º45,32`
depth 4,5 m, 110 quay spots

Peetri Sadam (Peetri Harbour/ Noblessner Yacht Club)
ph. +372 513 6726,
Green light 59.27.343N, 24.22.115E; Red Light 59.27.309N, 24.44.216 E
depth 5-6 m, 100 quay spots

Arrival by Bus

International bus lines (Lux Express and Ecolines) offer bus connections between Tallinn and many European cities.

Domestic bus lines, fares and timetables can be found:

International and domestic bus lines arrive at and depart from Tallinn’s Central Bus Station.

Tallinna Autobussijaam (Tallinn Central Bus Station)
Lastekodu 46
Ph.: +3726800900, in Estonia: 12550

From the bus station to the city
Take a tram nr. 2 or 4 or a bus nr.17 or 23.

Arrival by Train

The train from Tallinn to Moscow and to St.Petersburg departures every day.

For further information:
Ph. +372 631 0044
Fax. +372 615 6720

The railway station is situated near the Old Town and harbour.
From the railway station to the city
Take a tram No 1 or 2 or walk just 10 minutes to the Old Town.

Balti jaam (Railway Station)
Toompuiestee 37
Ph. +372 631 0043
Fax. +372 615 6720

Arrival by Car


In Estonia, as in continental Europe, the traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road. Estonian law requires a valid insurance policy. During daylight hours, dipped headlights or daytime driving lights must be switched on. After dark, the main headlights must be switched on. The driver and the passengers must wear seatbelts at all times.

Speed limits are as follows, unless marked otherwise:

  1. In residential areas, maximum speed limit 20 km/h
  2. In built-up areas, maximum speed limit 50 km/h
  3. 3. Outside built-up areas, maximum speed limit 90 km/h, and in summer, some roads allow maximum speeds of 110 km/h.

International fuel stations are easy to find. The largest international chains operating in Estonia are Statoil and Neste.

24h help – service on Estonian Roads: Autoklubi (Automobile Club), Ph.: +372 5907 8000

Smart Road

The accessibility of road information helps drivers reach safely to their destination. This information allows people to optimize their driving time and save energy when they know the accurate road conditions. Check Tark Tee: (application in English, Russian, and Estonian).


Parking in the city centre and Old Town area must be paid for. First 15 minutes parking is free. A valid parking ticket must be displayed in your windshield from 7:00-19:00 on weekdays and 8:00-15:00 on Saturdays in the city centre. In the Old Town and Downtown, parking must be paid for 24 hours a day. Tickets are sold by special guards. Guarded and indoor parking lots are also available.

Map of Tallinn

In addition to maps and transport schemes, the City map includes illustrated information on the most popular attractions and museums:



Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. Area of Tallinn – 159,2 km² (Estonia 45 227 km²).


The climate in Tallinn is characterized by a fairly cold winter, a cool spring with little precipitation, a moderately warm summer and a long and sometimes rainy autumn. However, some summers have weeks at a stretch of temperatures around +30°C, and a warm, sunny summer can keep autumn at bay until mid-October.

  • Average temperature in July +16,7°C
  • Average temperature in February -4°C

Weather forecast in the Internet:


Estonia is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours.
In summer: GMT + 3 hours.
Time Zone Converter


The population of Tallinn is 433 653 (02.10.2014).
Nationalities living in Estonia: Estonian 52.5%, Russian 38.5%, Ukrainian 3.7%, other 5,3%.


Estonian’s official language is Estonian. Russian, Finnish, English and German are also understood and widely spoken.


The largest denomination in Tallinn is Russian Orthodox (23%), followed by Lutheran (8%). However, only about 35% of Tallinn’s population practice any religion.

Visa Regulations

As of 21 December 2007, Estonia is a part of the Schengen visa area. Nationals of EU and EEA member states are free to enter Estonia. The required travel document for entry is a national ID card or passport.

For more specific information, please contact the nearest Estonian consulate or embassy, or check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website.

Foreign Representations in Estonia

For specific information, please check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website


A Customs Guide for travellers to Estonia can be found at

Tax Free Shopping

Travellers residing outside the European Union are entitled to claim back the VAT/GST on purchases, if exported from the European Union within three months plus months of purchase. Total sales price of the goods purchased must be at least 38,36 EUR (incl. VAT) in a store per day. Stores offering Tax Free Shopping service are displaying well-known Tax Free logo. A store will provide special Refund Cheque, which must be presented together with a passport and purchased goods to customs official for export verification when leaving the European Union. Purchased goods must be exported in an unused condition. Check refund options from

For further information please contact Global Blue or
+372 669 0545, the local customs office or a customs officer on duty.
Customs helpdesk: +372 696 7435, +372 696 7436.

Currency Exchange

National currency: 1 Euro = 100 cents

Most larger hotels, stores and restaurants accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express. However, it is advisable to carry some cash with you.

Traveller’s checks can be exchanged in most banks but are less likely to be accepted in shops. Eurocheque is the most widely accepted traveller’s check, but American Express and Thomas Cook are also accepted.

Banks are plentiful and easy to find in Tallinn. Most are open from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, while some offices are also open on Saturday mornings. All banks offer currency exchange services. Exchange offices can also be found in larger hotels, the airport, harbour, railroad station and major shopping centres.


To call Tallinn from abroad, dial your international access code and 372 for Estonia and then the telephone number.Calling abroad, dial 00 and the country code.

The GSM mobile phone system is available; please check compatibility with your operator.


Public Internet access points have been set up all over Estonia. They are located in local libraries and post offices. There are over 100 free wireless Internet zones around the country, many of them in rather unexpected places – beaches, Old Town squares, stadiums, and concert halls. Find here a map of free Wi-Fi hotspots around Tallinn hosted by City of Tallinn.

Post Offices

Tallinn Post Office is located in the centre, at Narva maantee 1, and is open Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00, Sat-Sun 10.00-16.00 Ph. +372 617 7033,,

Toompea Post Office is located in the Old Town, at Lossi plats 4, and is open Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00.

Medical Services

For entry into Estonia no vaccinations or health certificates are required. Health insurance policy is optional.

Pharmacies are usually open from 10:00-19:00, but two of them stays open all night (Südameapteek-Tõnismägi 5, ph: +372 644 2282 and Vikerlase 16, ph: +372 638 4338).

Pharmacies in Shopping Centres are usually open from 9:00-21:00. Ordinary medication is available in all pharmacies.

For travellers and visitors requiring dialysis treatment – read more about dialysis treatment centre. In case of an accident or sudden illness, call for an ambulance free-of-charge from any phone: 112.


Free-of-charge call from any phone: 110.


Estonia’s traffic laws regulate that wearing a luminous reflector on the right side of outer clothing, at night or in poor visibility conditions, particularly in winter, is compulsory.

Public Holidays 2015

  • 1 January – New Year’s Day
  • 24 February – Independence Day: the 96th anniversary of the declaration founding the Republic of Estonia (1918)
  • 03 April – Good Friday
  • 05 April – Easter Sunday
  • 1 May – Spring Day
  • 24 May – Whitsunday
  • 23 June – Victory Day
  • 24 June – St. John’s Day
  • 20 August – Day of Restoration of Independence: Estonia regains independence after Soviet times
  • 24 December – Christmas Eve
  • 25 December – Christmas Day
  • 26 December – Boxing Day

Power Supply

The electricity current is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz, European-style 2-pin plugs are in use.

Public Transport

Central Tallinn is very compact and easy to get around. For example Tallinn Airport is just 15 min bus ride away from the Medieval Old Town. To reach the suburbs there are buses, trolley buses and tram-lines in place. Public transport operates between 6:00 and 23:00 (some lines operate until 24:00).

Information about the different routes and timetables is available here:

View, download or print the Tallinn transport map from here:

Tallinn uses plastic smartcard and e-ticket system as of January 1, 2013.
Smartcard is a plastic card which allows you to top up credit or buy different ticket types on it (read more about the smartcard from below).

You can still buy single journey regular paper tickets costing 1.60 Euros from the driver when entering public transportation. Please try to have precise change for the driver if you want to buy a ticket.

E-ticket fares;

 E-ticket Price
 1h  € 1.10
 1 day  € 3
 3 day  € 5
 5 day  € 6
 30 days  € 23

NOTE! Day cards start upon purchase if not specified otherwise when buying the ticket(s).

Buying a smartcard

Smartcards are on sale in post offices, R-kiosks, Maxima, Prisma and Selver shop-chains, Autogrill kiosks, Stockmann shop and at Tallinn City Council customer service desk (Vabaduse väljak 7).

You need to pay 2 Euro deposit for your new smartcard. This is refundable (6 months after the first validation) when you return your smartcard to Tallinn City Council customer service desk (Vabaduse väljak 7).

For tourists

When planning no more than 3 journeys on public transport use the single journey tickets costing 1.60 Euros. You can purchase the tickets from the driver directly. Enter at the front door and keep in mind that tickets are only sold at stops, not while the vehicle is moving.

Tallinn Card (!p_174886) holders travel free on public transport. Validate your Tallinn Card by touching the orange card readers (at all entrances) at the start of each journey.

If you plan more than 3 journeys on public transport it is cheaper for you to get the plastic (non-registered) smartcard. This smartcard is easy to top up with money or travel cards and then to validate your e-ticket(s) at the start of each journey. One smartcard can be used by different people (family members, colleagues etc.). Top up your smartcard at different sales points (listed below). Read more about the smartcard from below.

Travel free on public transport when:

  • You have a valid Tallinn Card. Validate your Tallinn Card by touching the orange card readers (at all entrances) at the start of each journey.
  • You are child under school age
  • You are an adult travelling with under 3 year old child
  • You are a registered Tallinner and you have the registered smartcard. Note that you still need to validate your smartcard at the start of every journey.

Top up your smartcard

Top up your pay as you go smartcard at sales points, internet ( or over the phone. To top up over the phone call on number 1322* top up code*smartcard number (from Estonian sim cards only). To confirm press * (service charge 0,19 Euros applies).

Choose the right code to top up 2, 5, 10 or 20 Euros.

 Code  Price
 602  € 2
 605  € 5
 610  € 10
 620  € 20

Validating your smartcard

Validate your e-ticket on public transport by touching the orange card readers (at all entrances) at the start of each journey. A yellow light indicates the processing of information on your card. If you have enough credit, or a valid travel card you’ll see a green light. If you don’t have enough credit or a valid travel card a red light will be displayed.

With one smartcard you can purchase up to 5 additional e-tickets. First touch the orange card reader with your smartcard, then use the arrows to choose the number of additional tickets needed and confirm by pushing OK. Touch your smartcard on the orange card reader again to see number of tickets valid on your smartcard.

Passengers travelling without tickets or with forged tickets will be fined. Maximum fine is 40 Euros.


Taxi stands are located at major intersections and in front of bigger hotels. Passengers can choose from any of the available taxis at a taxi stand. Taxis can be also ordered by phone or hailed on the street. Starting fare €2-€5 EUR, price for 1 km is about €0,50-€1.

You can also use Taxify: which is the easiest way to get a taxi. You have to download mobile application and get picked up at the push of a button.

You can also use TaxiPal: which is a free mobile taxi ordering service that helps you to order trusted local taxis anywhere in the world, including Tallinn. TaxiPal is a free mobile application for smart-phones that helps you to find and order a taxi. TaxiPal is the award-winning solution for the taxi industry. It is the first multi-language taxi ordering and brokering service, running on all popular device platforms, initially with strong European, US and Canadian coverage that will change how taxis are ordered. TaxiPal is a spin-off project from T+1 Solutions, an Estonian R&D and technology solution provider. Read more:

The price list for taxi services is determined by the taxi operator; that is, prices are not uniform for all taxis. In order to avoid misunderstandings, be sure that the approximate cost of the trip to your destination is clear in advance.

Instructions for Taxi Passengers

Before getting in:
Be sure you understand the approximate cost of the trip. Prices are not uniform; taxi operators can set their own rates.

Take a close look at the yellow price list, which is posted on the right side rear door.

Here you’ll find rates for:

  • the base fare (usually €2-€5)
  • the waiting charge, used only when the taxi is actually standing (usually €6-€20/h
  • the per-kilometre charges: a daytime charge used from 6am to 11pm, and a nighttime charge used from 11pm to 6am (both usually €0,50-€1/km

Anything much more than these is considered high. Make sure the taxi driver holds an operator’s card – a white plastic card with the driver’s photo and name, attached to the middle of the dashboard.

Starting out:
Make sure the taxi’s meter is turned on. It is illegal for the driver to smoke or to allow others to smoke in the taxi.

At the end of the ride:
The driver is not allowed to ask for more than what is on the meter. The driver must be paid in Euros. Ask the taxi driver for a receipt from the meter’s printer. If the meter or printer is out of order, the driver should not be in service and you have the right to refuse to pay the fare.