1. Tallinn sightseeing tour, 3 hrs
    This combined bus and walking tour introduces Kadriorg Park and the 18th century baroque palace of Peter the Great, Convent of St Bridget in the Pirita suburb and the famous Song Festival Ground.The walking tour in Old Town gives an introduction to the historical heart of Tallinn, which especially during the 15th century was a rich and prosperous town of Hansa merchants. Tour continues from the Dome Hill (Toompea), from Castle Square where Toompea Castle, the seat of the Estonian Parliament is facing the 19th century symbol of the Tsar’s power in Estonia, Alexander Nevski Cathedral. After visiting the Dome Church (13th century) and enjoying a breathtaking view from a viewing platform, the tour continues by strolling along the narrow cobblestone streets down to the Town Hall Square that features the gothic Town Hall from 13/14th century – one of the oldest in Northern Europe.

    Price: 22 €/ person; min.15 persons and max 30 persons in group
    Price includes:
    – 49-seater bus for 2 hrs
    – English speaking guide according to the programme for 3 hrs
    – Entrances to Dome Church and Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

  1. The pearls of the National Park of Lahemaa, 7 hrs
    This tour takes you through the countryside and coastal lowlands of North Estonia to the National Park of Lahemaa. You will see the untouched nature, beautiful well-restored manors, small fisherman village and taste the genuine Estonian food. You will spend a lovely day out in the country side!Price: 55 €/ person; min. 40 persons and max 49 persons in 1 group
    Price includes:
    – 49-51-seater bus according to the programme
    – English speaking guide according to the programme
    – Visits and entrances to Sagadi manor & Forest Museum and Palmse manor
    – 3-course lunch in local tavern.
  1. Daytour to Rakvere and surroundings, 6 hrs
    The day-tour to Rakvere in North-Estonia explores the medieval castles of Toolse and Rakvere. Toolse castle was built to protect the harbour and has been conserved to ensure the authenticity of the walls. The guided tour will give you an idea of the importance of the seaside stronghold with spectacular views. A short city tour in Rakvere introduces the town. In Rakvere stronghold, on Vallimägi hill, the guided tour will open up the medieval stories in torture chamber, smithy, brothel, you will see and meeting the animals and medieval weapons. The lunch-feast in Rakvere castle tavern with Malvasia wine tasting. In the afternoon visit to linen factory and shop Liliina in Rakvere.Price: 59€/person; min. 40 persons and max 49 persons in 1 group
    Price includes:
    – guide service
    – 49-51-seater bus according to itinerary
    – visits to Rakvere and Toolse castles
    – linen factory visit,
    – wine tasting in Rakvere castle
    – lunch in local tavern.
    Optional: Coffee break in Kiiu Tower on the way back to Tallinn
  1. Daytour to Haapsalu and surroundings, 8 hours
    The tour is centred around Haapasalu, a charming seaside town with an atmosphere in which you can’t help but relax. The best way to take in the stunning seaside views is to climb the tower of Haapsalu Castle. For those who dislike heights, you’ll have no problem using the extra time exploring the castle museum, grounds and cathedral. You might even catch a glimpse of the white lady, the ghostly symbol of Haapsalu. On the tour you will be able to take in the eerie expanses of an abandoned soviet air base. We will visit Koluvere Castle, which has arguably the prettiest setting of any building in Estonia. You will have a chance to explore the ruins of Padise Monastery. Finally we will wind down and discuss what we have seen over a refreshing drink in the lovely bar in the Neo-Gothic Laitse Manor.

      59  €/ person; min. 40 persons and max 49 persons in 1 group
    Price includes:
    – guide service
    – 49-51-seater bus according to itinerary
    – visits to according to itinerary
    – refreshing drink at Laitse Manor
  1. Estonian Flavours, 4,5 hrs
    This tour is designed for those who likes different food cultures, here is one for your discovery in Estonia. You will spend some time of the day like locals with the morning visit to a local food-market in a suburb called Nõmme, visit a small cheese farm near Tallinn where you will see and taste home-made cheese products, learn about Estonian brewing traditions by visiting Saku Brewery and taste its products.Price: 131€/person; min 4 persons and max 10 persons in a group
    Price includes:
    – guide and coach service
    – visits and product tasting in Esko farm and Saku brewery.
  1. Marzipan painting workshop in Tallinn, 2 hrs
    Did you know that all Kalev’s marzipan figures are handmade using centuries old methods and moulds? Come and see what it means to make a figure and feel the real workmanship! During the workshop the participants will learn how to make marzipan and the figures, mix paints for marzipan painting, after which everyone can paint their own ca 100 g figure just as they wish. This is a fun experience to have together with friends or colleagues.Price: 23€/person; min 4 persons and max 10 persons in a group
    Price includes:
    – Marzipan making and painting instructions
    – Tools used on the spot (apron, brush and paints)
    – 1 piece of ca 100g marzipan figure
    – Drinking water, 1 cup of coffee/tea.
  1. Kumu Art Museum, 3 hrs
    Discover Estonias art history on this Tallinn art excursion with an expert museum guide. See a variety of Estonian art, as well modern architecture at the very modern Kumu with its sharp angles and sleek fasade. Kumu is one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe, also awarded as the European Museum of the Year in 2008.Price: 21 €/ person; min.5 persons and max 10 persons in 1 group
    Price includes:
    – 14-seater bus for transfers to/from Kumu Art Museum
    – English speaking museum guide and entrance to Kumu Art Museum